Brake pads
for commercial vehicles

Fomar Friction is a brand renowned on the automotive market. Our offer includes elements of brake systems which can be applied in the majority of passenger cars, utility vehicles and trucks used in our country. Fomar offers brake blocks, shoes, linings and disks which have recently been introduced to our offer.

We constantly test our products in order to offer highest quality and comfort of driving. Our offer includes over 5 references of brake blocks for utility vehicles. Such a wide range of choice was made to serve our customers and provide them with an optimum comfort of buying and satisfaction. Fomar Friction brake blocks are a warranty of quality. Our approach to the application of modern technologies during production of brake blocks for trucks and utility vehicles is based on careful and intense tests and maintaining optimum compromise between braking force, braking comfort and wear of blocks. Our task is to provide truck users with an optimum safety and driving pleasure.

New technologies are applied during the production process, e.g. a special third layer called a sand bed which serves for even stronger bond between a plate and friction material. We use a wide variety of friction compounds currently consisting of 32 formulas. These compounds do not contain asbestos, lead, mercury oxide, cadmium oxide nor chromium oxide VI.

Fomar Friction takes care of development of the company and products which it provides to its customers. Our break blocks for trucks, utility vehicles and passenger cars are constantly improved and tested in order to improve their efficiency, comfort of use and performance. Fomar Friction is a reliable approach to a customer, long-lasting tradition, modernity and wise use of technologies.