Wholesale of brake pads and discs – Fomar Friction

In Fomar Friction we have been selling brake blocks, shoes and linings for many years. Since 2015 our offer includes also brake disks. Customers quickly found out that quality and precision in production, which have been associated with our brand since long time ago, also translates into new products and quality of our brake disks remains equally good as in case of other products. Today, Fomar company acts under the wings of Roulunds Braking, which in turn are owned by MAT Holdings. Roulunds Braking is a Scandinavian manufacturer of car parts which has been producing assortment for automotive industry for years now.

Due to such fusion, we were able to merge two independent organisms which perfectly complement each other on all fields. It is a combination of experience, use and introduction of new technologies and skills of the best engineers, what makes an undisputable success of the Fomar brand. Fomar is a manufacturer producing, distributing and selling parts for passenger cars and utility vehicles. Our main goal is a bulk sale and special online catalogues considerably facilitate a process of picking appropriate parts. The only thing a customer should do is to go on our website and browse our extensive catalogue in order to find a model of a vehicle, bus or a truck. Such catalogues are also issued in a form of a mobile application.

We take care that all blocks, shoes, disks and linings are made of the best materials offered only by certified subcontractors. Complete production process is based on the latest technologies due to which our products are perfectly suited to dynamically changing conditions and requirements provided by the automotive industry. Our offer includes nearly 800 references of brake blocks for passenger cars and delivery trucks, over 200 references of shoes, app. 65 types of blocks and 2000 various brake linings for all utility vehicles. Recently we added a considerable number of brake disks to our offer. Bulk sale is executed from our easily available storehouses which supply brake parts not only to Poland but also many cooperators from beyond the country. Fomar is a moto-industry manufacturer with over 60 years of experience. Choose skills gained for year and parts and replacement parts offered by our company.