Brake shoes
for passenger vehicles

In Fomar Friction we have been manufacturing and selling brake system parts for passenger cars and trucks for years. Our wide range of products includes brake shoes, blocks, linings and recently also brake disks for passenger cars.

We have been on the market for over fifty years now and we currently function under the sign of a Scandinavian automotive company - Roulunds Braking.

Shoes are a basic element of brake systems for passenger cars. They are connected with friction linings which are responsible for a friction reducing vehicle speed. Our offer includes over 200 references of shoes available in our online catalogues which facilitate fitting an appropriate product to a particular type and make of a car. We equip brake systems of the majority of car makes such as: Skoda, Opel, Audi, VW or Citroen. Therefore, there are no concerns that any part could be unavailable.

Perfect functioning of a brake system is particularly important for the safety of passengers and other road users. Therefore, all parts that we assemble in passenger cars have to be of the best quality. We put a special emphasis on development of products from our offer. Our department of research and development conducts constant works in order for our products to meet currently valid standards and even to exceed them.

Apart from the best specialists, Fomar owns a network of perfectly equipped laboratories and production lines. We constantly invest in new equipment and devices which enable us to take care of high quality and full functionality of all parts that we sell. If it comes to brake shoes, a regular control and replacement is very important, because nearly all elements in a brake system are subject to friction forces and heavy loads causing wear.

With our braking shoes you can be certain that you invest in reliable and functional products because in Fomar, we only use the best quality materials from renowned suppliers. Join a group of satisfied customers who are sure that they brake systems function correctly and safe because they were equipped with parts manufactured by one of the best companies on the automotive market.