Brake linings
for commercial vehicles

Fomar Friction company offers its customers a wide range of friction linings for utility vehicles of various makes. Our assortment includes brake linings for most of the trucks currently driven on Polish roads.

Many years of experience in manufacturing elements of braking systems guarantee a constant development. With good reason, Fomar Friction brand is considered as the leader in manufacturing linings for trucks, both if it comes to a quality of products and a number of offered references. Our sales offer constantly includes new models of linings. We put everything we can in order to follow constantly changing technologies and customers’ requirements.

Fomar Friction has its own laboratories in which new technologies are developed and tested. These technologies enable improvement of parameters of linings for utility vehicles. We also strive for achieving an optimum compromise between braking force and material wear. During a production process, only raw materials provided by renowned and certified suppliers are used. Each batch is also additionally controlled prior to the approval for marketing. All of this is done in order for the brake linings to meet the highest international standards.

Currently, Fomar Friction offer includes 2000 references of brake linings, both nominals and oversizes. Friction linings are standardly offered in a version with drilled holes. On customer’s request it is also possible to produce linings without holes. Fomar Friction assortment also includes friction linings equipped with a hole enabling an assembly of a wear sensor or wear indicators. Every customer will easily find linings suiting his individual requirements.

All brake linings are sold as a set including rivets necessary for their assembly. Detailed offer of linings was presented in a brand catalogue. For customers’ comfort, it is available both in a paper and electronic form available for download or browsing online, and also in a form of a mobile application. It enables finding appropriate linings fast.

Due to clear descriptions, fitting an appropriate lining is simple and every driver should handle this even without any assistance from specialists. If necessary, Fomar Friction employees provide professional consultancy.