Brake discs
for commercial vehicles
and buses

Fomar Friction – a manufacturer and distributor of car parts and replacement parts, is a company with over sixty years of experience in a field of brake systems. Our factories manufacture brake disks, blocks, shoes and linings for utility vehicles, trucks and buses. Years in the industry provided cooperation with the largest car companies and various individual customers.

We manufacture all parts and replacement parts in an environment friendly way. Therefore, materials meet even highest EU standards. In our modern laboratories we take care that the elements of brake systems signed with our brand are free from hazardous substances but effective, efficient and reliable at the same time. Brake discs is a considerably vital part of brake systems of all utility vehicles. Brake blocks are pushed against surface of disks in a moment of initiating braking process by a driver. As a result, there is a friction which causes reduction of a speed of wheels. Unlike other parts, disks are mobile elements, i.e. they revolve with the same speed as wheels and axes.

Due to the aforementioned friction forces, disks have to be regularly controlled and replaced because they are simply wearing out and after a certain period of time they cannot function perfectly anymore. This is why, when choosing brake disks for utility vehicles, trucks and buses, it is particularly important to pick the elements manufactured by a renowned company which uses only the best materials.

Brake system is the most important system in a car taking care of proper functioning of vehicles on the road. Take care of your life and life of passengers and invest in brake disks of a renowned manufacturers as Fomar company. We also offer brake disks for utility vehicles of majority of makes. Therefore you can be sure that you will find an appropriate make and model of your car. In order to facilitate purchase of parts even more, we provide you with special online catalogues due to which you can simply find your make and model of your car and appropriate parts will be matched.