Brake discs
for passenger vehicles

Skoda, Honda, Audi, VW and others

Fomar company is a manufacturer of car parts with over 60 years of experience.

Our scope of activity is equipping brake systems of passenger cars, buses and trucks in all parts, i.e. brake disks, shoes, friction linings and blocks. Many years of experience has translated into a trust of customers who appreciate functionality and reliability of brake parts offered by our company. Brake disks are one of the most important parts of a braking system in every utility vehicle. Unlike other elements, disks are mobile, i.e. they revolve along with wheels.

Disks are mounted to wheel hubs and braking process begins in a moment of pressing a brake pedal by a driver. Brake blocks are pushed against surface of disks causing friction which reduces vehicle speed. This friction causes brake system elements to wear and they require replacement after some time.

Regular surveys and replacement of brake elements is particularly important in terms of safety. Brake system is the most important system responsible for appropriate behavior of a car on the road. Therefore it is important that the parts in which it is equipped are of the highest quality. Formar Company offers brake discs for passenger cars such as Honda, Citroen, Skoda, VW, Opel and Ford.

Brake disks leaving our factories are manufactured with the use of highest quality materials only from certified manufacturers. Our products were chosen by a wide range of customers. So when choosing brake blocks for passenger cars, pick many years of experience and precision in manufacturing safe and functional parts.